Dress According To Your PhysiqueWhether you dress for your body type or not makes a huge difference in your general outlook. Make sure or at least try your hardest to dress according to your physique, for a sophisticated, clean cut look that makes you look good, even if your body proportions aren’t the way you want them to be. This will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also boost your confidence and increase your charisma.

The first step to looking good is buying clothes that fit you well, and aren’t a couple of sizes too large or too small on you. Do not buy a dress shirt that hangs limp on your torso, or one that is so tight, it might rip at any time. This is crucial to looking good in whatever you chose to wear. Your clothes must look like they were made only for your body.

When you’ve understood that, you need to figure out what kind of body type do you fit in to. There are four general body types that you’ll find everywhere. However, I acknowledge that everybody differs from another, even if they have the same general shape. Keep in mind that this is a general overview.

What Kinds Of Body Types Are There?

Based on the ratio of your shoulders to your hips/waist, there are four body types.

1. The average physique. Most men have this build, with a little muscle in the upper body, a narrow waist or narrow hips, and slim legs. Often referred to as the ‘trapezoid’ shape, this is the commonest shape in all the body types. Men with this build have a genetic advantage over others that they can look good in almost anything and everything. A size large, horizontal striped dress shirts, basically anything that would normally not look very complimentary on other physiques. Tapered pants and jackets define your physique and make you look leaner, so opt for those. Also, patterned, bold-colored, tailored dress shirts are another advantage that you have. Use it.

2. The inverted triangle shape. Wider shoulders and narrower hips. Avoid slim fit trousers. Instead, opt for straight, dark colored trousers that do not make your legs look leaner. Also, buy dress shirts a size larger to avoid over-defining your chest and shoulders, and to proportionate them with your slim waist. V-necks, belts, striped dress shirts are all options you must utilize.

3. Straight, rectangular shape. When your shoulders have 1:1 ratio with your waist, you need to rethink your strategy, and think about getting tailored, custom or over sized dress shirts or slim fit button downs. Also, layering up will add bulk to your torso, as will structured jackets which you will need. For trousers, you need skinny pants that will give a lean look to your legs. This way, you can alter your shape to resemble that of an inverted triangle.

4. Straight-up triangular shape. If you’re sporting a wider mid-section than your shoulders, dark colored and vertically striped dress shirts are your best friends. Also, when buying trousers, go for straight fit jeans and avoid anything that fits any more.


Jimmy ChooI was recently out with a couple of friends, then I heard this song, aII I my beamer sit on Jimmy Choos, damn.

My girl, I buy her Jimmy Choos, damn.

How can a pair of shoes be so popular and so luxurious such that one artist, fatty wrap decides to write a song about them? Can shoes really get you the girl, I don’t know about you but I think they might attract her to you then you do the rest.

Founded in 1996 by Jimmy Choo and his niece as a luxury designer brand, jimmy Choo shoes has been synonymous with both luxury and wealth, that even royalty, princess Diana owned a pair but don’t get me wrong, it’s not just about the money and the luxury, it’s about style and fashion. Want to wow at a dinner party or a wedding you are invited for, they got you covered.

I met my girlfriend five years ago and the first compliment she ever gave me was she liked my taste and collection of shoes, so I bought her a pair of jimmy Choo shoes during our first year anniversary as a couple and I’m glad she bought into the brand. Together with my girlfriend we buy a pair or two each, yearly, for the last three years we have maintained that tradition and I have to say we are happy customers. I currently own the Belgravia black nappa high top trainers (You can check them out here ) that I bought from their online store while my girlfriend rocks the Lucy 100s that I bought her for a wedding ceremony (you can also check them out here).

The shoes are not cheap and we do not say they should be, after all Jimmy Choo shoes are a luxury brand and luxury comes with a price but what you are getting is elegance, class and pure luxury. A pair of jimmy Choo shoes will surely break necks when you visit your old neighborhood. Jimmy Choo shoes stock a wide selection to choose from depending on the mood and occasion. I’m a huge fan of their wedding collection, having been in a wedding committee with my girlfriend for a couple friends, we were tasked with helping the bride and groom select their bridal outfit, my girlfriend suggested the Jimmy Choo Vivien 85 for the bride party and I went for the prescotts for the groom after checking them out at the store. I have to say we have never been happier about our contribution for that wedding, they really stood out in the photo-shoot.

So where can you get a pair of these? You can check out their website to locate a store near you or you can buy them online from their store. If you have a wedding coming up, a dinner party you’re hosting or you’ve been invited to or even need something casual for the weekends then I would highly recommend you check out the amazing collection of Jimmy Choo shoes.


Trendy Plus Size ClothingFinding a product that is in need and many people demand, is one of the best ways to make money online. Since, now a day majority of people are ruled by obesity, plus size clothing has become one of those most demanded items. These sell very well online. A lot of money can be made with these, on purchasing these plus size items wholesale. Amwholesaleclothing is a great wholesale place, to build a business with plus size clothing. Finding clothing that fits well and also is fashionable is very difficult to find around the country. As a result of this fact, finding a source online that offers such plus size fashionable clothing at a cheap price has become quite important.

Gain More Selling plus Size Clothing

The businessmen investing in this never have to worry about size or shopping for clothes. So, investing in this you can get the maximum profit as 90 percent of the population is fat now. Let’s see how plus size clothing helps the bigger sized people that has brought it into demand.

The demand for wholesale plus size clothing will continue to increase. As a result of this, both the wholesale suppliers and retailers will have a chance to expand their clothing business in the future and make more profits. Wholesale plus size is helping plus size ladies look trendy and fashionable, just like the average sized women, making them sexy and attractive.

When you purchase plus size apparel at wholesale from genuine providers, you can find best selection of wholesale tops, accessories,jeans, dresses, t-shirts, plus size and many more online.

When you’re plus sized, shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be difficult. The weight classification, which considered ‘thin’ or ‘slim’ as attractive, is no more. Now, you can be both big and beautiful. Now for women, who have bigger sizes, designers have found the potential for them. More and more clothing are released into the market for them. To the existence of more trendy plus size clothing, shopping has become better thanks.

As it was before, finding these types of apparel isn’t hard. In the past, it was like finding a needle in a piled full of petite sized clothing. Now, with small or medium sized items, you can find them hanging side by side. Finally, the division between sizes has disappeared. Full figured women won’t have a reason to hide behind loose pants and unflattering tops. Now, their curves and assets can be flaunted, which even the most petite girls are dying to have.

The fact that, these come in all designs and seasons, is a great thing about plus sized clothing. Sleeveless tops,short skirts, or whatever kind of dresses, that they never had the guts to wear before, can be finally worn by these fat ladies. In fact, stylish plus size clothing have been released by the designer labels. You can actually try to browse the web,if you’re not convinced about this and you’ll see that even plump movie stars are not afraid to show their full figures. For sure, you won’t notice their size, when you see their confidence. That’s the power ofwholesale trendy plus size clothing and fashion.


Embroidered Cherry CardiganThe sun’s a-shining, the birds are singing and the grass feels soft under your feet as you strut about in your gorgeous dress at your elegant garden party. Summer garden parties are the epitome of summer fun; slightly lazy and informal, yet fashionable and elegant. As such, these occasions require you to look your best even if you do choose a soft ensemble for the event.

But if you’re concentrating more on summer fun activities instead of fashion, the decision of choosing the right dress can seem like a chore. Not to fret though, because to help you, we have enlisted the help of Miss Edgy to give us some fashion choices that will truly be in tune with your complete garden party theme.

What to Wear to a Garden Party

Andrea Floral Maxi Dress

A steal for $80, the Andrea Floral Maxi dress uses the supreme elegance of red roses against a white background to give an almost ethereal looking dress that balances fashion and comfort. Designed as a floor-length dress with a deep neck, this outfit is great if you’re running around the party playing hostess. Pair that with some small pearl earrings and an open flowy up-do and you will definitely be the belle of your own ball.

Floral Maxi Kimono Dress

Priced at $69 on Miss Edgy, this v-neck floral maxi kimono dress is the perfect outfit for an evening garden party. Simple yet stylish, this dress uses the contrast of golden flowers against a plain navy blue backdrop and cinches around the waist in a kimono style. The dress is also very comfortable and provides ample cover for those who don’t want to show too much skin, since the sleeves go down to the elbow and the hem ends above the ankles.

Layered Tulle Skirt

For those who want to add a bit of whimsy to their look, the layered tulle skirt works best. Available in peach, this soft knee-length tulle skirt adds the perfect touch of femininity and sophistication. Pair this $59 skirt with an off-the-shoulder white top and flats and you have yourself a total ensemble that you can wear on numerous different occasions.

Embroidered Cherry Cardigan

Remember; garden parties are all about comfort and ease, so the $65 embroidered cherry cardigan should be right up your alley. Worn with your most comfortable jeans, this combination of red cherries against a white backdrop offers a fresh and crisp look while looking fashionable. All that’s left is your trusty clip so you can pile your hair up on top of your head and join your guests in some summer fun.


Wholesale DressesPeople are always particular about how are they dressing themselves up. Women are usually known to be more conscious towards their dresses rather than men but this is not true. Men are equally careful towards what do they have with them in their closet.

Looking at the latest technological trends, we see that people are preferring to buy products for them via making use of the online services. This has led to the demand for the wholesalers offering online services.

All kind of latest trendy wholesale dresses are easily accessible due to these providers. If you also want to buy updated and latest styles dresses then buying wholesale dresses is not a bad idea.

Let us talk about several tips that must be well kept in mind before buying wholesale dresses:


whenever it is about buying wholesale dresses from a designer then there is nothing that can go wrong. You will be confident about the fact that all the items that you are about to invest in are very well tailored and designed.

An attractive fact about buying from popular designers is that you can easily access the catalog of the designers and can select that which one you would like to buy for you.

In case you are buying from designers that are lesser popular then it is suggested that you should take the feedback from your peers. You can also read the reviews to ensure if the older customers have been happy or not with the products.

Price Tags:

Budget is a constraint that everyone has in his or her mind. Buying wholesale dresses mean that you will be little more curious about the prices of the dresses.

It is known that dresses will be more expensive as compared to tops or shirts, but then again buying wholesalein bulk can facilitate you in saving handsome amounts.

Therefore it is suggested that before investing money, take a closer look at the price of the products. No doubt you will be saving a lot of money. For more satisfaction you can see and compare the products offered by differentwholesalers and then make the decision that with which you want to deal.


Make your mind clear about the purpose that why you are buying clothes. The occasion for which you are buying clothes will guide you to buy which types of clothes.


Dresses are obviously seasonal. One cannot wear winter dresses in summers and vice versa. Hence before placing an order, consider the season and only then decide to buy or not. Last but not the least; do not compromise over comfort when you will be buying wholesale dresses.


People cannot look good in all colors. Identify the colors that complement your complexion and only then buy the dresses.

Keeping all these above mentioned points in mind, you can successfully buy wholesale dresses in an appropriate manner. Wholesale connections are a reliable wholesaler gaining popularity in a rapid speed. Visit their site and you will find range of wholesale dresses at reasonable costs.


Pirate Fancy DressPirate Fancy Dress

The pirate is a icon figure of old times but have been taken by many people around us but we allows everyone to have a such look to see themselves in that kind of particular dress so we are now bringing the best pirate fancy dresses to you so that you can have a fun with the dress and seems yourself to be enjoying in that the trend of the world is turning with the moving and modernized fashion and its style.

Momo Fashions is now bringing the best of style and fashion and the best fascinated pirate fancy dress which involves the best quality and we are approaching to you with the best dress which gives an original look of pirate you see in movies or you have an imagination of them or you have seen them through cartoons as per themes are discussed these are having a fast trending between the customers buying and wearing it so all for your satisfaction we have brought our best product in the market as the fast following trends allows the makers of such style like us to care for all the latest updates in regards of new and upgraded costumes to satisfy all of our clients.

We have brought some exciting Pirate Fancy Dress for you for people of every age & size either they are kid, male or females so we allow everyone to enjoy and have fun at their level so Momo Fashions is always with the happiness of yours so now look at various styles and designs of Pirate Fancy Dress.

So have a look on the collection of ours of Pirate Fancy Dress which we have gathered under the name of Momo Fashions.

Astonishing Female Pirate Dress:

Dresses are designed and made with the best cloth and various styles and designs of Pirate Fancy Dress are available. Dresses that cover the shoulders with sleeves are very popular as are boob tube dresses.

Some Dress Designs for Women:

• Hello Pirate Costume

• Ahoy Pirate Costume

• Boot Pirate Camp Babe Costume

• Combat Cutie Pirate Costume

• Fever Combat Chick Costume

• Fever Sequin Pirate Costume

• Pirate Costume

• Pirate Mate Costume

• Pretty Paratrooper Costume

• Private Tease Costume

• Retro Pirate Woman Costume

• Pirate Cutie Costume

• Pirate Kit

• Pirate Sweetie Costume

• Pirate Woman Costume

• Saucy Pirate Girl Costume

• Sergeant Pirate Saucy Costume

Unbeatable Collection for Gents:

We have selected top designs all of Pirate Fancy Dress so that they can also have a fun vibe and a free cool enjoy time at events with their friends or some time on occasion to be relax in our Pirate Comic Fancy Dresses.

• Men Pirate Costume Fancy Dress

• White Pirate Outfit Fancy Dress

• Pirate Hat & Aviator Sunglasses

• Large Pirate Seaman Costume

• Large Sea Pirate Costume

• Stag Party Pirate Nautical Dress

• Popeye Pirate Nautical Fancy Dress

• Halloween Zombie Pirate Scary Fancy Party Dress

• White Pirate Outfit Fancy Dress

• Black Pirate Outfit Fancy Dress

• Nautical Pirate Man Fancy Dress

• Pirate Moon Tuxedo Pirate Fancy Dress

• Mask Mamoru Pirate Chiba Costume

• Pirate Captain Aviator Sunglasses Gloves Fancy Dress

• Genuine British Pirate Fancy Dress

• German Pirates Fancy Dress


wedge sandalI am the kind of person who loves Summer! And all year long I wait patiently for the day when I can put on a pair of sandals or flip flops, and never take them off! Well that time of year is finally here, and there are some amazing sandals available online right now! The fashion trends have been all over the place so far, with everything from retro 90s crop tops and jean skirts to prairie skirts and delicate lace tops. Off the shoulder, perforated, denim, ruffles…all things that are super trendy right now. All you need are the right shoes to wear with your look!

Here are my top 5 sandal picks for this Summer:

A quality wedge sandal is perfect for so many occasions, I don’t even know where to begin. Wedges are amazing on so many levels: first, they are heels, so you get the height and the silhouette, but they are much easier and more comfortable to walk in than heels. Second, they look great with any kind of outfit, any cut of trousers or dress. Third, they are super trendy! I spotted a Casual Attitude wedge sandal called Bengaliono in two tone black and brown leather with and ankle strap and a white rubber sole for style and traction! The white sole is the little detail of the season! Pikolinos brand also has some really nice wedge sandals out in their new collection, like the Bali model, also with a white sole.

Birkenstocks were all the rage in the late 90s, and often seen on tie-dye wearing college students, aging academics, and the occasional German person. But Birks have made a comeback—Glamour UK magazine even said chunky sandals are in—just in time for the boho trend, and with some vibrant new colours and designs that are much more feminine and flattering than their ancestors. But the real feature of the brand is comfort, and that hasn’t changed a bit! The Mayari model is by far my favourite of the Birkenstock’s new sandal designs, with thin leather straps crossing over the foot and keeping the shoes in place. The Mayari is available in colours you would never suspect from Birkenstocks: fuschia, white and silver! Of course you can still get the earthy tones that the brand are known for, just with a slightly less clunky feel, and the same awesome ergonomic insole.

Flip flop sandals are an old standby for many of us, including me. As soon as the warm weather hits, I’ve got my Reefs on and am walking out the door! Flip flops are great because they are so easy to slip off! If you get some good ones, like Reefs, they will be the most comfortable shoes in your closet (except maybe for the Birkenstocks). This season I really like the Gypsy Love model by Reefs, but Teva has some good looking sporty models too, like the Kayenta Suede—perfect for camping or hanging out in nature.

We all need a pair of summer sandals that can also double as a dress shoe. I know, I said that the wedges were perfect for any occasion, but sometimes we want a flat sandal that is also sophisticated and elegant. A dressy sandal like this is perfect for family occasions, graduations, and especially any kind of outdoor ceremony, because your feet won’t sink into the ground like they do with a pair of heels. Looking online I really fell in love with Clarks Ornate Jewel sandal, because it has a very low wedge, a metallic leather upper and an ankle strap—the perfect recipe for a great sandal for sure! They also have a totally flat sandal called Romantic, which I found to be just that. Also, have a look at the new collection by Gabor for something really classy.

The sandal boot is one of those shoes that when I first saw it, I thought to myself, now there’s a totally pointless pair of shoes. But with a bit more reflection, I now actually want a pair. And not just any pair: Airstep’s Lauper sandal boot . There is something about the sandal boot that is both feminine and tough. It’s a cross between a biker boot and a sandal. This can be good when you want to wear sandals, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Or when a pair of sandals are too dainty for your rock n roll outfit. Whatever it is, all I know is, they are hot, and you need them as badly as I do.

It’s hard to choose just five types of sandals and only a few brands from all the thousands that are available online. But if you want to feel great this summer and look great too, any of these will certainly help you have the best summer ever!



Leather BackpackWhen someone says backpack it usually congers up an image of school kids dragging a heavy pack behind them with papers hanging out or a young college student with a backpack full of books slung over their shoulder, but what really makes sense it the fast past life of ladies everywhere! Whether being used as a purse, a diaper bag, a gym bag, or a book bag the leather backpack is a classic and functional accessory.

As a purse, the leather backpack offers plenty of room for all the items that women around the globe feel necessary for everyday travel as well as a choice of trendy styles and colors. A smaller basic model can consist of a single large compartment that will easily hold smaller individual items such as a wallet, a makeup bag, or notebook. A majority of leather backpacks offer several interior and exterior pockets for additional organization and convenience.

As a diaper bag, the leather backpack has exceptional performance.

A larger backpack is capable of handling all the paraphernalia required for babies and the additional items carried in a normal purse. Besides the statement that an elegant leather backpack makes the ability that leather has to deter dirt and spills makes it a beautiful accessory for the new baby or multi-child Mom. Inside pockets make for great space management and outside pockets allow for easy access of bottles, keys, or cell phone. With the best feature of being secure and allowing more mobility to run after the exploring toddler. By having both hands free and no large bag swinging around it could also be considered a safety feature too!

As a gym bag, the leather backpack is multifunctional. A good size bag can accommodate both the change of clothes as well as a cell phone, wallet, keys, or ever present protein bar. While still being compact and fashionable enough to take anywhere.

As a book bag, the leather backpack implements the features of organization, comfort, and durability. A main feature of backpacks is their multi-sized compartments offering several options for the student to store laptops to pencils. Another big feature is the padded and adjustable shoulder straps for a custom and comfortable fit. And lastly, the durability of leather as a material is unparalleled, the strength to handle as much as can be stored in the individual bag.

Whatever the requirements that are needed an elegant and sophisticated leather backpack can be the ultimate accessory.


Isabel Marant shoeA couple of years ago, there were models of sport and classic shoes. They, completely independently of each other, formed collections and created many fashion trends in the world. However, recently a new young designer Isabel Marant has appeared on the world stage. She has managed to completely overturn the girls’ idea of stylish shoes for every day. Products that Isabella has introduced around the world were able to combine both style of classic boots and practicality of usual sneakers. Sneakers on a platform have become the main attraction of the entire brand without any doubts. After just a few years since the presentation of the first line of these shoes, Isabel Marant was able to dictate the trend to all fashion houses of Europe and the United States. The current collections of this well-known brand count dozens of colors and designs. In addition, these shoes are so convenient that you can wear for all day and forget about the fatigue. Full support of your feet will allow to maintain health and ease. The foot firmly fixed over the entire surface. The ankle is also captured by being kept tight with fasteners that complement the whole system. This shoe is covered with beautiful materials that give high style, highlight the taste of the owner of the model. It combines perfectly both with jeans and skirts, leggings, shorts, tights.

What concerns the structure of these shoes, it is necessary to do the detailed analysis. Isabel Marant catalog is composed of a huge number of colors and material combinations. Some pairs are made of leather, others of chamois, some combine two of these high-quality materials. Features of this shoe include not only the strength but also the durability of the model. It is made of strong materials, which do not erase, lose their shape or fade under the sun. High base gives the sneakers a magnificent appearance. Test and feel the comfort of Isabel Marant shoes personally.

A special feature of this model is the interior finish. The very inner surface is trimmed with leather. Isabel Marant price is much lower than the quality that gives customers the manufacturer. The inner side is finished with a textile net. It is used closer to the spout, where sufficient ventilation of the foot is required. Thanks to the air that goes inside the shoe, your foot will never feel any discomfort. You will be able to walk without problems in sneakers as much as you will need. In addition, the upper part gives the absolute safety of your walks.

If there was a real threat to tuck the leg while wearing high-heels and wedge-heeled shoes, now with this level of fixation you can hardly get injured.

How to wear Isabel Marant shoes Sneakers can be combined with jeans, leggings, shorts, pants, skirts and dresses. Sports brands – this is a great addition to the sneakers. Perfect decision – skinny jeans and delicate top. Colored marants will look good with jeans.

From outerwear you should prefer a short leatherjacket, short simple jacket or a light coat. Sneakers will harmoniously combine with sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies and woolen tunics. They should not be worn with a business suit, as the image will be too controversial.

If you like to wear dresses, then try to choose something in casual style. Short and comfortable dresses look with such shoes better than others. As for the pants, Isabel Marant shoes look great paired with bright pipe stem. If you have difficulty in the selection of clothing to sneakers, then look at the pictures of famous women. Fashion stars walk in a convenient novelty not only in everyday life but also at social events. We can say that the resulting image depends entirely on the creativity of the owner of the sneakers.


Custom T Shirt For Bachelorette PartyCreating women’s custom t-shirts for a bachelorette party is a great way to make the party more special for the bride-to-be and for everyone attending the party. There are many different kinds of t-shirts that can be chosen from. Gabazoo is the Toronto women’s custom t-shirts go to place. You do not have to go with standard t-shirts for your bachelorette party; get women’s custom t-shirts in Toronto that you are going to want to keep wearing over and over again.

Before you decide on what t-shirt you want to purchase, you need to factor in many different things. The following things should be looked into before deciding which t-shirt to get for the party:

• T-Shirt Color

• Size

• Design

• Custom Imprints

• Graphics

T-Shirt Color

The first thing that you want to determine is what color of t-shirt you want everyone to get. You can have the bride get one color and everyone else have on another color of t-shirt. You may also want everyone to have t-shirts that are matching in color. Yet again, you may also want everyone to decide on what color of shirt they want. Most times, everyone having the same color of t-shirt is one that everyone is going to love, unless you want to bride to be to stand out from everyone else.


You need to know ahead of time what size of t-shirt everyone wants to have. Some people might like to wear tighter t-shirts than others. If you do not know exactly who will be attending the party, you could get a good variety of sizes to make sure everyone is going to have a size that is going to work for them.


What type of design are you looking for in the womens custom t shirts Toronto for the bachelorette party? Do you want a design that is going along with the theme of the wedding? Do you want a design that is only about the party you are having? You can also go with a design that is something that the bride is very fond of.

Custom Imprints

Having a custom imprint of the t-shirts is something that should be really thought about. You want the bachelorette party be something that everyone is going to remember, especially the bride to be. Some things that you could have imprinted on the custom t-shirts may include the name of the bride, the date of the wedding, the date of the bachelorette party or the couple’s name. You could also have something imprinted on the t-shirt that is basic as “Bride to Be”, “Getting Hitched” or “Bride’s Night Out”. The choice is yours and this is your time to be creative.


The final thing that you should think about with the t-shirt is what type of graphics, if any, you want to have on the t-shirt. There are many graphics that could be put on the t-shirt such as pictures of a bride, a heart or even a picture of diamonds.