Dress According To Your Physique

Dress According To Your PhysiqueWhether you dress for your body type or not makes a huge difference in your general outlook. Make sure or at least try your hardest to dress according to your physique, for a sophisticated, clean cut look that makes you look good, even if your body proportions aren’t the way you want them to be. This will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also boost your confidence and increase your charisma.

The first step to looking good is buying clothes that fit you well, and aren’t a couple of sizes too large or too small on you. Do not buy a dress shirt that hangs limp on your torso, or one that is so tight, it might rip at any time. This is crucial to looking good in whatever you chose to wear. Your clothes must look like they were made only for your body.

When you’ve understood that, you need to figure out what kind of body type do you fit in to. There are four general body types that you’ll find everywhere. However, I acknowledge that everybody differs from another, even if they have the same general shape. Keep in mind that this is a general overview.

What Kinds Of Body Types Are There?

Based on the ratio of your shoulders to your hips/waist, there are four body types.

1. The average physique. Most men have this build, with a little muscle in the upper body, a narrow waist or narrow hips, and slim legs. Often referred to as the ‘trapezoid’ shape, this is the commonest shape in all the body types. Men with this build have a genetic advantage over others that they can look good in almost anything and everything. A size large, horizontal striped dress shirts, basically anything that would normally not look very complimentary on other physiques. Tapered pants and jackets define your physique and make you look leaner, so opt for those. Also, patterned, bold-colored, tailored dress shirts are another advantage that you have. Use it.

2. The inverted triangle shape. Wider shoulders and narrower hips. Avoid slim fit trousers. Instead, opt for straight, dark colored trousers that do not make your legs look leaner. Also, buy dress shirts a size larger to avoid over-defining your chest and shoulders, and to proportionate them with your slim waist. V-necks, belts, striped dress shirts are all options you must utilize.

3. Straight, rectangular shape. When your shoulders have 1:1 ratio with your waist, you need to rethink your strategy, and think about getting tailored, custom or over sized dress shirts or slim fit button downs. Also, layering up will add bulk to your torso, as will structured jackets which you will need. For trousers, you need skinny pants that will give a lean look to your legs. This way, you can alter your shape to resemble that of an inverted triangle.

4. Straight-up triangular shape. If you’re sporting a wider mid-section than your shoulders, dark colored and vertically striped dress shirts are your best friends. Also, when buying trousers, go for straight fit jeans and avoid anything that fits any more.

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