Shoes Perfect Decision To Accentuate Your Style

Isabel Marant shoeA couple of years ago, there were models of sport and classic shoes. They, completely independently of each other, formed collections and created many fashion trends in the world. However, recently a new young designer Isabel Marant has appeared on the world stage. She has managed to completely overturn the girls’ idea of stylish shoes for every day. Products that Isabella has introduced around the world were able to combine both style of classic boots and practicality of usual sneakers. Sneakers on a platform have become the main attraction of the entire brand without any doubts. After just a few years since the presentation of the first line of these shoes, Isabel Marant was able to dictate the trend to all fashion houses of Europe and the United States. The current collections of this well-known brand count dozens of colors and designs. In addition, these shoes are so convenient that you can wear for all day and forget about the fatigue. Full support of your feet will allow to maintain health and ease. The foot firmly fixed over the entire surface. The ankle is also captured by being kept tight with fasteners that complement the whole system. This shoe is covered with beautiful materials that give high style, highlight the taste of the owner of the model. It combines perfectly both with jeans and skirts, leggings, shorts, tights.

What concerns the structure of these shoes, it is necessary to do the detailed analysis. Isabel Marant catalog is composed of a huge number of colors and material combinations. Some pairs are made of leather, others of chamois, some combine two of these high-quality materials. Features of this shoe include not only the strength but also the durability of the model. It is made of strong materials, which do not erase, lose their shape or fade under the sun. High base gives the sneakers a magnificent appearance. Test and feel the comfort of Isabel Marant shoes personally.

A special feature of this model is the interior finish. The very inner surface is trimmed with leather. Isabel Marant price is much lower than the quality that gives customers the manufacturer. The inner side is finished with a textile net. It is used closer to the spout, where sufficient ventilation of the foot is required. Thanks to the air that goes inside the shoe, your foot will never feel any discomfort. You will be able to walk without problems in sneakers as much as you will need. In addition, the upper part gives the absolute safety of your walks.

If there was a real threat to tuck the leg while wearing high-heels and wedge-heeled shoes, now with this level of fixation you can hardly get injured.

How to wear Isabel Marant shoes Sneakers can be combined with jeans, leggings, shorts, pants, skirts and dresses. Sports brands – this is a great addition to the sneakers. Perfect decision – skinny jeans and delicate top. Colored marants will look good with jeans.

From outerwear you should prefer a short leatherjacket, short simple jacket or a light coat. Sneakers will harmoniously combine with sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies and woolen tunics. They should not be worn with a business suit, as the image will be too controversial.

If you like to wear dresses, then try to choose something in casual style. Short and comfortable dresses look with such shoes better than others. As for the pants, Isabel Marant shoes look great paired with bright pipe stem. If you have difficulty in the selection of clothing to sneakers, then look at the pictures of famous women. Fashion stars walk in a convenient novelty not only in everyday life but also at social events. We can say that the resulting image depends entirely on the creativity of the owner of the sneakers.

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